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Friday, December 3, 2010

What The Hell?!? Friday - Snowflake Edition

Here it is, the first Friday of December.  This week, we had our first snow of the winter season.  Unlike other places in and out of the country, here it didn't amount to much - but, hey -- what the hell?!?  It's enough to post this.  And it brings back memories of my only-slightly-miserable childhood.  Anyone who watched TV in the mid-west in the mid 50's (other places, too, perhaps) will recognize this genuinely awful song.  The quaint animation was probably state of the art at the time.  Turn off your critical faculties, and enjoy.  As so often happens on WTH?!? Friday, H/T to Sharon. Actually, now that I look at this again from decades remove, it's pretty darn cute. Check here for more info.

And, at the risk of oonching the cutitude to a level that might actually be unbearable, there is this. YouTube is an awesome and terrible thing.


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