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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Best Economic Blogs

According to Alen Mattich at the Wall Street Journal.  (With a H/T to James Hamilton.)

Alen is evidently a very serious person, since he placed Marginal Revolution at the top of the list, and Megan McCardle, who "is excellent" (gag) near the bottom.  No, I will not link to her.  I really don't feel like hugging a squid tonight.

You can certainly see why MR made it to the coveted apex.  Who but Tyler Cowan could read this story, and see in it a lesson about monopsony?

There are actually a number of good choices on his list - as evidenced by the fact that I link to them in my right-hand panel.

It includes - almost as afterthoughts - Delong and even Krugman, "albeit with the caveat that his ad hominem attacks detract from his analysis."  WTH?!?  I guess that is a reminder, lest we forget, that we're dealing with Rupert's Wall Street Urinal, so the connection with reality is going to be erratic. 

There are blogs listed that I've never checked out, so there is some future fodder, mayhaps.  But I'm genuinely baffled that he missed Modeled Behavior.  That site is mostly interesting and thoughtful, often erudite, and always promotes a staunchly free-market, libertarian-leaning conservative viewpoint.   And Karl, at least, will sometimes engage me.

Then again, Mattich thinks Megan McCardle, who, with her "bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the University of Chicago" is no more an economist than I am,  is an "excellent" economic blogger.

If I were to say that explains a lot, would I be making an ad hominem attack that detracts from my analysis?


nanute said...

If I were to say that explains a lot, would I be making an ad hominem attack that detracts from my analysis? No, it would not. If you want to see a regular dose of ad hominem directed at Megan, go here: http://agonyin8fits.blogspot.com/
Even this I don't consider ad hominem. It's more of a deconstruction of stupidity.

Jazzbumpa said...

That was a bit of what passes for my humor. Megan is an absolute dipshit.

I wasn't aware of the agony blog. If I tried to continuously deconstruct Megan's idiocy, I'd do irreversible damage scrubbing my brain with a Brillo pad.

For my shots at deconstruction, click the "deep stupid" tag in the lower right hand side bar.