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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Comedian Succeeds When Government Fails

I have two three thoughts on THIS.

What an amazing story about Jon Stewart shaming congress into passing health care for the surviving heroes of 9/11.

What a shame that a comedian has to speak out to get the government to do what is so obviously right and proper.

God damn the Republicans to hell forever!

H/T to the LW


nanute said...

The state of independent news journalism today, has been co-opted by the "media industrial complex." One need only look at the quote from NBC's Brian Williams in the story you linked: “Jon gets to decide the rules governing his own activism and the causes he supports,” Mr. Williams said, “and how often he does it — and his audience gets to decide if they like the serious Jon as much as they do the satirical Jon.”

Mr. Williams is old enough to know better, and if he is a student of his profession would know that there was a time when leading media journalists did editorialize at the end of an evening news broadcast. Cronkite did it. John Chancellor did it, and a host of others did it in a bygone era when the owners of the networks still had a sense of what journalism is. These new age journalistic hacks are only interested in the big pay day, and have no interest in speaking truth to power.

Jazzbumpa said...

Williams is a text reader, not a reporter.

Still - I want to believe that he said that in a wistful, perhaps even envious way.

But it all boils down to what Delong so often says . . .