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Monday, July 30, 2012

The White Swan of Black Lake

This majestic bird visited - or perhaps invaded - us a few times during our week at the lake.  
Always looking for a handout.  
Yeah - we fed him/her.

But wait - there's more.
Here, at no extra charge -- DUCK BUTTS!

Friday, July 20, 2012

What the Hell?!? Friday - Alfred Hitchcock Edition

After mowing the grass this afternoon, I was on the patio, with my shoes off, brushing the clippings from my socks, when this guy swooped down and landed about 4 feet in front of me.

I retreated, and he perched himself on one of my now-empty shoes.  Then he gave me a you-wanna-make-something-of-it look.  Since he was equipped with beak and talons and all I had was a whisk broom, I beat a hasty retreat into the house.

When I re-emerged, camera in hand, he took a strategically superior position on the roof.

At that point, we called a truce.

Can anybody identify him?