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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Write Your Congressperson - You Should

Following my lovely wife's lead, I sent these messages today.

Dear Senator Reid/Representative Pelosi:

In forming the "Super Congress" Committee to deal with the debt and budget issues, it is vitally important to remember that the Republicans will certainly nominate TeaBagger-approved austerians, who do not and cannot understand the real nature of America's problems.  The clear Republican agenda is to make President Obama fail.  If the country goes down as well, that is just collateral damage. 

Therefore, the Democrats must select genuine progressives such as {Senators Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer/Representatives Dennis Kucinich and Marci Kaptur}, who will be steadfast in protecting the interests of the middle class, the working poor, and seniors who depend on Social Security and Medicare.  The presence of even a single Blue Dog Democrat will assure that the destructive Republican programs are put forward, to the ruin of the America we have worked so hard for so many years to maintain.

Please be extremely careful in only appointing genuine progressives to this committee.

Respectfully yours,

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