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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iowa Straw Man Poll

From Toby Hardnen.

Tim Pawlenty, who has put more money and organisational planning into Iowa than any other candidate, attacked Bachmann and Romney at the Ames debate on Thursday night but today, his cowboy-booted foot resting on a hay bale, he sought to single out President Barack Obama. “Tell Barack Obama he has had his chance and it isn’t working,” he told the crowd.

Alas, for all that wasted time and effort, we won't have Timbo* to kick around anymore.  

Michele Bachmann, Iowa born and the favourite to win the Straw Poll, arrived half an hour late for her slot and then spoke for just over two minutes, saying that Iowans were “going to send the signal” to the rest of America just as they had in 2008.  “This is where Barack Obama got his start. This is where he’s going to come to his end, in Iowa.”

The winner: Michelle For-God's-Sake Bachmann, whose photogenicity and galvanizing intensity won the hearts and minds of Iowa's simple farmers - people of the land - you know . . .

The results.

  1. Michele Bachmann – 4823 (28.6%)
  2. Ron Paul – 4671 (27.7%)
  3. Tim Pawlenty – 2293 (13.6%)
  4. Rick Santorum – 1657 (9.8%)
  5. Herman Cain – 1456 (8.6%)
  6. Rick Perry – 718 (4.3%)
  7. Mitt Romney – 567 (3.4%)
  8. Newt Gingrich – 385 (2.3%)
  9. Others – 162 (1.0%)

I guess we hear so much about "Tip of the Spear" Michelle rather than Ron Paul, over whom she eked out a stunning 0.9% margin of victory,  when both are clearly bat-shit crazy, because - unlike Mr. Paul, - Michelle has appeal to some independents, apolitical people and Democrats who are now ready to say, "Up yours . . ."

H/T to SoBe.
*Update:  Oops.  That's supposed to be T-Paw.  My bad.



democommie said...

While I agree with Mr. Stewart that Newsweek deliberately used an unflattering photo of Michele Bachman, I don't think they are that hard to find. She is a politician and turns on the high voltage smiles when she knows she's on camera. When the klieg lights go off or she is not aware of the lens she can look plentee KKKrazzee.

BTW, do you know what I hate about chinese spamporn? A half hour after, well, whatever, I want to do it again!

Jazzbumpa said...

Welcome, dc -

As Jon Stewart pointed out, it's not the picture, it's her words.

What I hate about Chinese porn-spam is that I can't read it.