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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health Care

In comments at Krugman's blog, Servius claims that our health care access problems can be cured by allowing a free market to operate.

 My response has been sitting in moderation limbo for 6 hours, so I'm reprinting it here.*

Since no one else has responded to Servius, I’ll say that >60% of Americans want a single payer system, up from about 35% in the spring. The more people learn and understand about it the more they realize it is that way to go.

It is a profoundly naive act of faith to believe that a free market can provide a service effectively when the profitability of the provider is based on denying service. Could that be any more plain?

Why didn’t your head explode when Reagan blew up the national debt, then Bush II made him look like Scrooge?

Nice selective reasoning there, Serv.

JzB whose mother was in constant pain before Medicare replaced her hip.

* Where I can decide for myself how moderate I need to be.

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