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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Conservative Cheesecake Redux

This* is the way Great American Conservative Woman Carrie Prejean, famous for insisting that sexual matters be natural, looked before** having been - how shall we say this - technically augmented.  The Good people at K2 Productions, producer of the Miss California pageant, supplied the upfront cash to fund the expansion, evidently reasoning that anything achieved by the hands of man, a knife, and modern chemical technology is every bit as natural as helium filled balloons

Alas, there was a cleavage between Ms. Prejean and her benefactors over the statements that promoted her to GREAT CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN status.  And now they want their money back.

Really, this would not be worth talking about if it were not for the whole GREAT CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN thing.  The irony is, she's nothing but a boob.

The above photo also represents the Carrie of the future, if the assets are repossessed.

Updated with the Carrie of the future link, above.
*Photo URL  http://www.rowlandmanthorpe.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/carrie-prejean51.jpg
Linked from this article.
** Before and after side by side comparison here.

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