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Friday, September 2, 2011

Mantle decorations

Tux posted a picture of one of his owners, posing in a high throne (or equivalent.)  We can also see a stuffed penguin and the brickwork of the fireplace. Not to be outdone, I took this crummy shot with my cell phone. Not that I have any lordly quadrupeds to feature. I do have a textured ceiling, brickwork fireplace, quite a nice painting of a brood of wood ducks, and a mantle adorned with a line of photos of my favorite young people.   (Only 7 of 11 shown.)

Cats? We don't need no stinking cats. We have GRANDCHILDREN!


BadTux said...

But grandchildren are a bit lumpy on the lap when you're reclining on the sofa reading the newspaper, and don't have soft fur and they don't purr as you stroke them. And they don't cuddle purring against you in bed while you're sleeping and help keep you warm on those cool winter nights, at least I hope they don't. So there are upsides to cats rather than grandchildren, thank you very much. Though having both, of course, would be the ideal...

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...

When you have a grandchild on your lap, you're more likely to be reading Dr. Seuss than the news, so I'll give you that. Sometimes they give good cuddles, too, though.

You can't go to your cat's plays, dance recitals, concerts and baseball games, so that's one for the kids (plus or minus, depending on your PoV.)

No cats here, though. My lovely wife is allergic.