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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Earthquake in Hungary, and I'm Neither Rushin' nor Lyin'

"Rescue officials say parts of western Hungary and Budapest, the capital city, have been affected by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, the strongest in the country since 1985."  Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

The very short article conlcudes:  "The quake was centered near the town of Oroszlany, 70 kilometers (44 miles) west of Budapest."

The name "Oroszlany" struck me, because I've known people named Orosz.  The name means, "Russian."  Presumably, some time in antiquity, their ancestors wandered into Hungary from Russia.  Could be.  After all, as someone once told me about history (and uncertain ethnicity) in that part of the world: "The fences were low, and the nights were dark."

Since I'm not familiar with the town, I ran the name through Google translator, and got the result, "Lion."

Lion.  Really.  Just for kicks, I put a space in "Orosz  lany."  The translator then spit out "Russian girl."  Nice, I suppose, but a rather odd name for a town.  My lovely wife (who gets an H/T BTW) is a Polish girl or, to my surprise, "Lengyel lány," for Lengyel is also a family name I recognize.

So, next I tried translating "Lion" from English into Hungarian, and got, "oroszlán."  Close, and a bit coincidentally Lewisian, but no szivar.

Could it be "Lioness" perhaps?  Nope - that's "nőstény oroszlán," and not at all helpful.

At that point, I lost focus, and just started playing with the translator, confirming that I did indeed, know how to count to ten, though my pronunciation is laughable.     

And now, it's time to say,  jó éjszakát.  (To which the childhood retort was, "Well you aint so hot, either!")


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