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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sandwich Generation

The Lovely Wife and I had dinner at my mother's house tonight, and my sister was the cook.  She made a Jig's Dinner of corned beef brisket, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  She also informed us that she could make a "kick-ass" Reuben, and that option was on the table as well.  We all opted for Ruebens, with the other items as sides.

The bread was a pumpernickel - rye marble (high in minerals, I assume) from Pepperidge Farm.  The Sour Kraut was Vlasic, with caraway seeds.  We eschewed  the Russian Dressing in favor of French's Spicy Brown Mustard.  Her secret (shared here with permission) to making a Reuben that hangs together is to place the Swiss Cheese between the meat and the kraut, where it acts like glue.

The built-up assembly is grilled, of course, so that the cheese can melt, the bread toast, and everything get warm and gooey.

Credit where it's due:  the result was a fine - in fact, I would say KICK-ASS - Reuben.

Well done. Sis!

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BadTux said...


I guess I need to get a toaster oven of some sort for my sandwiches to toast them. Actually, lately I've mostly been making fresh corn tortillas from scratch and topping them with beans and cheese, popping the assembly into the microwave to heat the beans and cheese to melting point. Unfortunately that also turns the tortilla into mush instead of the nice firm thingy that came off the cast-iron griddle. They still taste good when I put the lettuce and salsa on top of it all to make tostadas, but definitely not nice and firm like from the taqueria down the street...

- Badtux the Culinary Penguin