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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Global Warming Hoax Continues - Pt 4

One of the reasons AGW proponants are so successful with their hoax - really, nobody in politics, government or the MSM ever questions them, and denialists are universally scoffed at - is that they present data like what follows.  These are graphs of the  Combined land-surface air and sea-surface water temperature anomalies. (Land-Ocean Temperature Index, LOTI)
This is the deviation of monthly temperatures, in degrees C, from a base line, taken as the global average of 1951 to 1980, which was a relatively stable period, as the graphs will reveal.  The data is from this table, linked at this NASA page

Here is the data for January, in blue, and July, in red, from 1880 until now.

Here is the data presented as a 13 year moving average.  Would it be hyperbolic to say the advance since the 1976 bottom is HYPERBOLIC?

Doesn't it look disturbingly like an Elliott Wave?  Anyway, now you can see why so many reasonable people get taken in by their claims.


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