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Friday, February 17, 2012

Elliott and Me

Earlier this evening, just before Bill Maher's program came on, while Pavel Datsuyk was slipping the puck past Predator's goalie Pekka Rinne to secure a 2-1 Wings victory 5.8 seconds before the final buzzer, I left this comment at Johnathon Bernstein's blog.

I see the current Republican party as an unholy alliance that has to come unzipped. What natural allegiance is there between Santorum-style social regressives and Romney-style big-business conservatives? The latter can line up with the Libertarians on a lot economic issues, but not on isolationism and the gold standard. The former and Libertatians should logically hold each other in contempt.

How the tea-party slices across this is anybody's guess, since they make no sense, even in their own context.

The Santorum surge shows how deeply the party establishment is out of touch with its base.

I think the country really needs a rational conservative element - which we have not had in decades.  It's really tragic that what we have is a clown parade.


I was quite pleased to see Bill's guest Elliott Spizer make pretty much this same point (except for my final paragraph) early in the panel discussion.

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