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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dire Prediction

I suspect that whichever party wins the presidency will also win control of congress.

Every Rethug candidate we've seen is either stupid, bat-shit crazy, totally lacking in character, integrity and moral fiber, or all of the above.  (I leave it as a very easy exercise for the interested reader to figure out who fits in what category.)

If a Rethug wins, it will bring the final curtain down on the American dream.

We will invade Iran.

Petroleum will rise to $200/barrel.

Gasoline will be . . . what - maybe $8/gallon.

There will be a world-wide depression.

This will lead, within a decade, to one or more of these tragic outcomes:
      -  WW III
      -  Dictatorship in America
      -  Blood in the streets

We are staring disaster in the face, and the only things between us and it are Presnent Hopey-Changey and the lame-ass Democratic party

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DocP said...

You've pretty much nailed it. "Lesser of two evils" is the only choice. Pathetic.