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Friday, February 18, 2011

A look at Tennessee

The situation in Wisconsin is not a single unconnected event.  It is part of a concerted effort by Repugnicants nationwide to bust unions.

An editorial in the Memphis, Tennessee Commercial Appeal this morning talks about HB 103, which would strip teachers of the right to organize. 

Gov. Bill Haslam seems to have a genuine interest in improving public education in Tennessee. 

At least his ideas, which emerged this week with the release of his legislative package, are related to the task. 

The same can't be said for proposals put forward by the General Assembly's Republican majority, which can fairly be compared to corporal punishment -- except teachers are getting the swats. 

.   .   .

Haslam has a strong hand to play in the legislature with both chambers in the hands of his party. His proposals stand in contrast to ideas that were floated earlier in the week by members of the GOP legislative majority.

Taking away teachers' right to collective bargaining, kicking them off the state employees pension board and the like have the distinct aroma of vengeance against a teachers' union that refused last fall to contribute as much money to Republican campaign coffers as it was giving to Democrats.

Lawmakers in search of credibility would do well to follow the governor's lead.

 I'm trying to find out if anything is happening with this bill.  No luck so far.

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