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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Haiku Wednesday - Disclosure (and More)

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This week's theme: Disclosure.


Words that share something,
Revealing a deep truth, or
The thoughts of a child  .  .  . 

For Martin Luther King day, my 8-year-old grandson, Nate, had an assignment to write a poem on peace.

His poem took third place among the 3rd graders in his district.  Congrats, Nate!  You make a Bumpa proud.

Here it is.


       If we had Peace
        there would be
        no wars.

        If we had Peace
        no one would
        rob a store.

        If we're Peacefull
        We would not judge
        by color.

        If we had
        Peace we would
        not call people names.

        If we had Peace
        the World would
        be nice.

© 2011 by Nate
Reprinted with permission
All rights reserved.


yogurt said...

And sometimes the thoughts of a child reveal deep truths! Nice haiku. Made me think.

Madeleine said...

Love the poem, yes people aren't peaceful within themselves and often seek to destroy the peace of those around them. Very thought provoking, as was your haiku. It was a great intro to the poem. :O)

Amanda Moore said...

what a shame more people cannot listen to the wisdom of a child, he did wonderfully congrats! I like your Haiku very much as well!

Ria said...

Your poetic legacy shows great wisdom!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

A great segue haiku to a terrific poem. Nate's a chip off the ol' block I see! Well done, both of you!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous haiku and a splendid poem that you added with it.

thanks for this gorgeous pair.

mine is here:

Nanka said...

Lovely Haiku and the Peace poem was excellent with all its simplicity. Admire Little Nate's observations :)

If there was peace and all the things Nate said in the poem we would be a happy lot!!