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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Eyes of a Wanker

You must have seen videos or news clips of the Governor of Wisconsin defending his indefensible positions by piling lies upon lies.  But have you actually paid attention to the man entity itself uttering the misinformation?

His eyes have the vacant look of the undead.

His uninflected, animatronic voice belongs in a robot, not a person.

Clearly, this is someone - or something . . . some sort of being with no soul.  Whether it shriveled Grinch-like inside him or he sold it to the Kochroaches is, at this point irrelevant.  What is vitally important, though, is that those roaches own this Koch sucker to the very depth of his . . . uh -- central processing unit.

Before clicking the following link, understand that is not only rude, but crude, and the image - though apt - goes far beyond being merely disturbing.  You have been warned.  Here is Rude Pundit on The Eyes of a Wanker.

1 comment:

squatlo said...

Man, I have wondered if anyone else was as turned-off by this guys EYES as me! They're shark dead, like something you would expect of a modern day Manchurian Candidate!
Seriously creeped out every time I see him speak.