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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Taking Stock -- Week of November 22, 2021

This will be an abbreviated week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Red Arrow Down

SP500 at the close --- 4,682.94 -15.02 (-0.32%)

DJI30 --- 35,619.25 +17.27 (+0.05%)

NASDAQ --- 15,854.76 -202.68 (-1.26%)

Russell 2000 --- 2,331.35 -11.81 (-0.50%)

The SP500 opened at 4712, up 9 points. It reached 4745, up 40, at 10:30, then fell, hitting 4700, off 3 points, at noon. It rose a bit until after 3:00, then fell hard in the last 45 minutes, to end within a fraction of the last minute lo for a moderate loss. This was an outside day with the hi higher by 33 points and the lo lower by 15. For now the 13 day EMA seems to be providing support.

This index hit a new all time hi on Friday, and I didn't notice – it was by less than 2 points over the 11/08 hi, and there was no intra-day hi. Today there was a new intra-day hi, but not a closing hi

The DJI 30 opened at 35631, up 29, and reached 35916, an intermediate hi, before noon. It then meandered around 35620 until 2:30, when it rose to the day's hi of 35930, up 328, after 3:00. It fell hard in the last 45 minutes, giving up 310 points to finish with a minuscule gain. That was enough to preserve a clearly up day by 51 and 60 points. The index stayed above its 55 day EMA.

The NASDAQ opened at 16121, up 63 points, and reached its hi, 16212, before 10:30. It then fell in two downward swoops, ending first at noon, then moments before the close. This was an outside day by the large margins of 91 points at the top and 166 at the bottom. This resulted in a new intra-day hi, but a large loss at the close. The 13 day EMA might be support, for now.

The Russell 2000 opened at 2343, up a half point, and reached 2370, the hi, up 26, after 1:30. It also fell in two hard steps down, to end at the day's lo for a substantial loss. This is an outside day by 7 points at the top and 10 at the bottom. The index is above its 55 day EMA, but has recoiled badly from its 11/08 all time hi.

This would have been a decent day until everything went to hell in the last 45 minutes.

SP500 Closings -
11/22/19 - 3110
11/20/20 - 3558
10/22/21 - 4545
11/22/21 - 4683

NYSE Internals
A/D = 1541/1842 = 0.84
A/D Vol = 1.25
New Hi/Lo = 135/129 = 1/05

Friday, November 27, 2021

Red Arrow Down

SP500 at the close  ---   4,594.62-106.84 (-2.27%)

DJI30    ---  34,899.34-905.04 (-2.53%)
NASDAQ   ---   15,491.66-353.57 (-2.23%)

Russell 2000   ---   2,245.94-85.52 (-3.67%)

This was a rough session.  Every index fell hard at the opening, then ran more or less sideways until the early close at 1:30.  

Weekly Changes -
SP500  -2.31%
DJI 30  -1.97
NASDAQ  -3.52%
Russell 2000 -4.15%

SP500 Closings -
11/26/19 - 3141
11/25/20 - 3630
10/22/21 - 4575
11/26/21 - 4595

NYSE Internals – 
A/D = 469/2657 = 0.18
A/D Vol = 0.10
New Hi/Lo = 20/202 = 0.10

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