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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Music Blogging

Brandi Carlile and the twins at the Mt. Baker Theater, Bellingham, WA. March 19, 2010.

If you have come to expect anything from my Sunday Music offerings, it would certainly not be this.

I'll admit that I never heard of Brandi Carlile or this song until it was featured in this NPR All Things Considered spot.

Then, it became pretty special.


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BadTux said...

Brandi Carlile had the misfortune of coming up at the same time as that whole "tiny waif girls with big guitars" craze hit back in the mid-oughts. She's not some tiny waif with big guitar, she's a dike with big lungs who'd been a professional musician for years by the time she was signed, but people just assumed she was one of those despised "tiny waif girls with big guitars" and ignored her in droves.

She's not exactly my cup of tea either, she's a bit too much granola for me, but I've featured one or two of her songs on my blog because talent should be recognized. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Music Penguin