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Friday, March 2, 2012

Quote of the Day - Judgement to Rush

Since The Right Wing has no valid intellectual or ethical foundation, they have become dependent on extremism as a technique for communicating with and inciting their base.   Over time, this has, predictably, gotten progressively more extreme.  They are like addicts who have become inured to their drug of choice, and require larger and stronger doses to get the same kick.

The current flap over contraception - which I actually hadn't planned to blog about - is a typical example.  This is an issue that was settled among American Catholics by the mid-60's, and probably a lot earlier for most other people.  This demonstrates how far The Right Wing has had to reach, and how far they are willing to go to find the next contrived weapon in their culture war.

In this context, something absurd and under-the-bottom from the always reliable Rush Limbaugh - the addict of addicts - comes as no surprise.  This time, though, he outdid himself, first calling Georgetown U. Law Student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, then doubling down - as these ass holes always do when they are wrong - which is all the time - by saying she should post the sex videos so we can see them.  I guess he wants the tax-payers who presumably would support the preventive care insurance coverage to, in some sense, get their money's worth.

Here, Ms. Fluke responds.

But that is not the quote of the day.

Commenting on this Think Progress article, Second Advertiser Pulls Out From Limbaugh, Robert Moses says what fellow commenter Chis Williamson calls: "Officially the greatest thing ever written on Facebook in reply to something relating to Rush Limbaugh.:"

Pulling out is not a reliable method of prevention. The only 100% safe method is complete abstinence from advertising on his program.

That, my friends, is the quote of the day.

H/T to the LW.

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