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Friday, November 5, 2010

What The Hell?!? Friday - QE II Edition

My reaction to QE II is MEH!  Too little, too late, too short maturities, too little risk in the selection of securities.

Mish, OTOH, thinks "the Fed's misguided Quantitative Easing policy" is a prelude to the end times, and will be the ruin of world economies and civilizations.

I'll probably have more to say on this later. For now, read it and weep.  Or guffaw.  Your choice.

UPDATEKrugman reacts to QE Madness, almost using some of my same vocabulary.  Have I mentioned that I love it when Krugman agrees with me?



Johnnie Linn said...

In regard to your leaving Modeled Behavior, you might want to take just a peek around February 17 to see what things are like when I come back and whether I am armed or unarmed.

Jazzbumpa said...

Johnnie -

I'm not leaving MB. I just won't be reading Adam any more.

I have no ax to grind with either Karl or Niklas,

What's up on Feb 17th? I need a memory jog on that.