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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quote of the Day: The Great Government Youth Movement

Over at Plain Blog, Johnathon muses on the suddenly decreasing average age in the Senate.

I have a total of nineteen seats changing hands between Election Day 2008 and the new Senate that will begin work in January, assuming no further changes, and for the time being assuming that Bennet, Murray, and Murkowski all hang on to win.

Those nineteen new Senators are a grand total of...wait for it...276 years younger than the 19 Senators they replaced.  That's pretty dramatic!  Of course, it's a tough fight against inertia, since the continuing Senators are getting older.  Still, this will be the first Senate to turn back the clock in quite a while.

Hmmmm . . .


Suzan said...


I've heard this argument over and over again without figuring out the point.

Do you think young people like the governor of AZ or Richard Burr of NC are any smarter/better reps than, oh, Sen. Robert Byrd or Sen. Sam Ervin?

Sorry, it's just not true.

And I'm guessing you just loved it when the young Newt took over the GA delegation and then Congress?


Jazzbumpa said...

Suze -

Whoa - lighten up.

Sometimes an observation is just an observation.

No value judgments expressed or implied.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stats on the senate.