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Thursday, April 15, 2010

SPAM, only Better

Remember Spam?  No, not unwanted e-mail and Chinese porn in your blog comments, but the real thing - that gelatinous, greasy concoction of alleged meat by-products jammed into a tin can, suitable for poisoning boy scouts, driving away unpleasant relatives or committing slow suicide via arterial blockage.

There is now a new improved version, for the gustatory delight of Libertarians, Austrian Economists, and people who think conservatism has any intellectual or ethical credence.

It's poifect!



BadTux said...

Dude. What do you have against Spam? I have actually written poems in praise of Spam and its quivering gelatinous pink beauty:

Spam, Spam, tastes sort of like ham
quivering gelatinous pink and firm
seductive sexuality in a can
salty fatty melts in mouth

And Spam is made from actual pork, not "meat products", which is another thing to consider. Indeed, it is not a particularly unhealthy meat other than an ungodly amount of salt... any health issues are typically caused by the way it is cooked (frying in bacon grease is a common thing to do with it), not by the meat itself.

- Badtux the Spam-lovin' Penguin

Jazzbumpa said...

Well, sparkly unicorn meat was pretty much the point, and - yes - I did have you in mind while writing it.

I guess Spam is one of those things upon which right-minded people might differ.

Maybe you should try it on pizza?!?

I haven't had any in decades. Maybe I've got it all wrong, but I'm too eskeered to try it again.

OTOH, if compelled I would much rather eat spam than kocsonya.

JzB the culinarily pedestrian trombonist

Jazzbumpa said...

And if I were to eat spam, I would most definitely consider frying it in bacon grease. In my heritage we fry everything in bacon grease.

Try popcorn popped in bacon grease with paprika and garlic salt. It is TEH AWESOME!

JzB the partly Hungarian trombonist