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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Open Thread

Political - or any other opinions and innuendo - are welcome in the comment section.

Try not to be too gratuitously offensive, and please - whatever your point of view - make some kind of sense.

I'll start with some random thoughts about Tea Baggers.

The first obvious fact is they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

The Obama hatred has no basis in reality.

Hatred is their source of energy.  Hatred of the "other:" Obama, immigrants, gays.  This is the human manifestation of the vestigial reptile brain.

Rush Limbaugh is in large measure responsible.  He has been fomenting and channeling otherwise amorphous right-wing populist anger for 20 years with his lies, misrepresentations and distortions.  It is hard to imagine a more loathsome person, other than Dick Cheney.

The antidote is knowledge.  But there is so much disinformation clogging the airwaves and print media that truth and knowledge are swamped.

Understanding - by which I mean comprehension - is difficult.  It takes real mental effort.  It's far easier to simply wallow in spoon-fed, industrial strength, pre-fabricated right-wing talking points.

Baggers carp about taxation - which is at a historical low.  Just yesterday Sarah Palin told the Boston crowd at the Tea Party express that 100 days of earnings go to the government.  What she didn't say is that it's down under Obama, from 105.

Birthers, 12thers, and their ilk must be motivated by racial disgust at that darkie in the white house. If I'm wrong, please provide an alternate explanation.




Clear Ayes said...

Jazz, I've been holding my tongue as much as possible and just about all I can say is, "Oh heck, you already said it."

I mentioned this via email to WH. My dream is for a teabagger with a sense of integrity to carry a sign at a rally...

No government interference!
Take back your lousy Social Security and Medicare.
I can do it on my own.

Probably not going to happen.

About Sarah Palin, she is scheduled to speak in June, at the 50th anniversary fundraiser for our local Stanislaus State University. I wonder how all the "common people" she courts will be able to afford the $500 a plate dinner. Whoever pays $500 bucks is probably singing off the same page as Sean Hannity, who thinks Palin is smarter than Obama. Talk about "D'oh!"

It's unfortunate, but I don't think you'll get anyone here who disagrees AND can offer explanations other than the obvious, "It is all about me and mine and I don't care about what happens to anybody else."

Lucina said...

Thanks for this forum as I have been fomenting for some time now.

1) Where were all these protesters when Bush drove up the deficit and in the process entered us into two wars? Why did they not protest then when the lies were apparent and the proof greater? I ask again, where were they?

2) I am grateful that payment of taxes provide us with police, firefighters, government workers, and yes, teachers. i agree that there is often waste and mismanagement; that can and should be remedied.

Let's not, however, throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Again, Jazz, thanks. Whew1 That feels better.

Jazzbumpa said...

Thanks for the comments.

C.A -
I often wonder if right wing commentators are just tools, or if they are stupid enough to believe the drivel they spout. Hannity might actually be that stupid. Palin, too, that vacuous know-nothing.

Lucina -

1) And you can add the patriot Act, the greatest assault on freedom and the Constitution since Joe McCarthy. The teabaggers were in bars, or their homes twiddling their thumbs and placidly watching Fox Noise, because Rush and Sean and Bill-O weren't rousting them up. Remember, teabaggers don't think, they only spout what they've been told.

There is no relevant aspect of principle or policy. It's all about partisanship.

2) Taxes are at an all time low, and the country has been suffering for years because there is not enough taxation. It's true.

Happy to help. Stop by any time.