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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Blogging

Obama has proven himself to be more or less what I expected: centrist conservative, pro-business, and pro-war.

No more or less than what he campaigned on.  I'll give him that.

Hence his approach to health care - not timidity, but a lack of genuine liberalism.  And Afghanistan - not caving to the right, but following his ambitions to fight a just war.*

I wrote the following on the day of his inauguration.  I hoped for better, alas, and am disappointed.

12/17 Update:   Here is Ed's take.

On the Inauguration

A Villanelle

It started with a call of “Yes, we can!”
While focusing on all we have to gain.
Now we await unfolding of the Plan.

Hope began to flourish as he ran,
Thinking of the things we could attain.
It started with a call of “Yes, we can!”

Throughout this land we hold and all we scan
From mountain, on to ocean, over plain,
Now we await unfolding of the Plan.

Encountering the words as partisan,
Overcoming hatred, lies and pain,
It started with a call of “Yes, we can!”

All in common, all within the span
Of America, and what we can obtain:
Now we await unfolding of the Plan

Now, with hope, we stand behind the man
We’ve chosen for his spirit and his brain.
It started with a call of “Yes, we can!”
Now we await unfolding of the Plan.

Now - you go write a better villanelle than I can.
* In his mind.

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