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Friday, September 21, 2012

My Angry Bear Posts in CY 2012

Here is a running list of my 2012 posts at Angry Bear, newest at the top.

 An Editorial on Robert Bork and his Legacy   12/26/2012

One Nation, Divisible     11/13/2012  

Fowl and Fishy Inflation     11/01/2012

GDP Growth Caused By Tax Cuts Has Never Happened     10/16/2012

Debt and Growth    10/11/2012

Strategic Lying as Political Art    10/09/12

The Effect of Capital Gains Tax on Investment      9/25/2012

What is the Economic Middle Class?   9/19/2012

Who are the 47%? Follow-up       9/18/2012

Public and Private Investment      9/13/2012

Yes, The Right Wing Lies When They Say Obama is a Profligate Spender   9/10/2012

Why Spending/GDP is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Metric For Judging Obama's Performance                                     9/07/2012

A Quick Look at Federal Spending     9/06/2012

Debt, Recession, and That Ol' Devil Denominator    8/23/2012

Who Determines Short Term Interest Rates?   5/01/2012

A Different Look at GDP and Inflation           4/30/2012

Another Look at Wealth and Consumption - Pt 2  4/12/2012

The Brute Economics of Slavery   4/05/2012

Another Look at Wealth and Consumption - Pt 1   3/30/2012

World Trade    3/24/2012

Has America Lost It's Drive? - Pt. 4  3/07/2012

Insurance and Birth Control         3/04/2012

More on Michigan Voting   3/01/2012

Michigan Primary Results  2/29/2012

Is America Losing Its Drive? - Pt. 3 Vehicles per 1000 Persons      2/24/2012

Has America Lost It's Drive? - Pt.2      2/21/2012

Has America Lost It's Drive?    2/17/2012

More on Markets and Neoliberalism rom Crooked Timber   2/12/2012

Where Has All The Money Gone, Pt IV - Dividends    2/07/2012

Income and Consumption   2/03/2012

Where Has All The Money Gone, Pt III - Not to You and Me  1/31/2012

Wealth and Income Appendix  1/27/2012 

Wealth vs Income   1/27/2012

Where Has All The Money Gone, Pt II - Finance Sector  1/24/2012

Where Has All The Money Gone, Pt I - Corporate Profits 1/17/2012

GDP Revisions  1/16/2012

Ron Paul Challenges Liberals - Or Maybe Not   1/09/2012

A Deeper Dive Into Oil Pricing   1/05/2012

Speculation About Oil    1/04/12

'Jazzbumpa' To Write For Angry Bear   1/03/2012

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