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Friday, January 27, 2012

Is This Where The Newt Slithers Back Under A Rock?

I didn't watch the Rethug debate last night.  there is only so much idiocy I can take without having my head explode.  But, from what I've gathered, Newt more or less imploded.  Maybe this was predictable.  The man is wildly erratic.

Krugman whimsically posts this.

You needn't click through, here is the vid he embedded, saying only: "I gather from those who watched the debate that this is pretty much over."

My take as a jazz guy has to do with the music, rather than the message.

I find it quite interesting that Diana Krall's performance is so informed by this Sammy Nestico arrangement.  I've played it many times, and it comes close to being my absolute most favorite arrangement of anything.

UPDATE: In comments, nanute directs us to this, earning a big H/T.


nanute said...

I like Quincy Jones' arrangement for Frank Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra version of "Fly Me To The Moon." Check out Diana Krall's "Almost Blue", written by her husband Elvis Costello.

Nanute said...

Thanks Jazz.... Sinatra Live at the Sands is one of his best