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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Classic World Series Game Six

Commentators are going gaga over the "classic" nature of game six, with the Cards pair of comebacks from two down, and stirring 11th inning victory.  I disagree.   I've left this comment on two different blogs this evening, so rather than leave it stranded like any one of 41 game six bases-runners,  I might as well bring it on home.

When they went to extra innings, I went to bed. It was after midnight in my time zone, and this was pretty much a who-gives-a-shit series for me, anyway. (Except that when Shrub threw out the first ball in Texas, I suddenly became an ad hoc Cardinals fan.)  So - I'll take it on faith that the excitement of the final 2 innings + the bottom of the ninth had a hint of classic flavor.

OTOH, those original nine innings had nothing of the classic about them. What I saw was an embarrassing display of inept base running and inept fielding that garnished a perplexing melange of inept pitching and inept hitting, with a side of inconsistent umpiring.

In all seriousness, this was a lousy game, poorly executed in almost every way imaginable.

If my 9-year-old grandson's travel team played in a game with 5 errors and an astounding 41 Left on Base, I'd think it might be time for him to take up the trombone.

For this kind of display to take place in a world series is - in some deeply trivial way - a tragedy.

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