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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Speaking of Treason

Yes, I dare call it that!

While on Randi's Facebook page, I also found this.

Fortunately, genuinely stupid conservatards have these rare moments of lucid candor when a little slice of truth leaks out.

For many months now some Democrats have openly wondered* whether Republicans were purposefully sabotaging the economy in order to benefit themselves politically in 2012.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pointed to the fact that the GOP was unwilling to accept tax decreases in the new debt limit deal as evidence that they may be committing economic sabotage.  Still, the “sabotage theory” was seen rather far-flung for most.  However, the claim may gain more credence after Rep. Michele Bachmann’s remarks on CNBC.

This blog probably has more viewers (50 or 60 on a good day) than CNN, so I'd better spread the word.

In isolation, Bachmann's off-hand comment could be shrugged off, I suppose.  But everyone on the right from druggie Rush Limppud to Thinlips McChinless has professed their determination to make Obama fail.  Of course, and contra the Drugster's football analogy, as the leadership goes, so goes the country.  But such piddling collateral damage as the (potential) downgrading of the Country's secured dept, and millions on the unemployment rolls are as nothing to the reptile-brained Rethugs that the population of this once great country have selected to determine their fate.

Put yourself under the control of lizards and you get eaten by lizards.   Thus we devolve from a great experiment in participative government to poverty, servitude and rule by a privileged elite.  This, my friends, whether you realize it or not, is feudalism.

* Full disclosure:  I never had ANY doubt.

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