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Saturday, April 9, 2011

What People Believe In

What Rethugs believe in is flat-ass lying to gain any possible advantage, political posturing, an ideological assault not only on New Deal programs but every intellectual advance since The Enlightenment, a religious-right social agenda, the inherent meritocracy of a privileged elite, and (for reasons that I cannot fathom)* an actual government shut down.  

OTOH, I have no idea what Demorats believe in or want.   

*  Afterthought:  I might have sussed it.  They still want Obama to fail, and are willing to destroy anything and everything to make that happen.  This is so loathsome, I need to constantly remind myself that it's real.

The lesson of the Cheney administration, and even more so since, is that when thinking about the Rethugs, it is almost impossible to be cynical enough.

I am forced to conclude that Rethugs HATE America and the ideals on which it is founded, and seriously seek to bring about the new feudalism.


The Arthurian said...

You're really into this 'new feudalism' thing. It fascinates me, too.

"I have no idea what Demorats believe in or want."
Ah yes, 'the vacuum on the left.' You can see Ds drifting (kicking and screaming) in the direction of the Rs... It is (I think) because the Ds have no idea what other options there are, for fixing the economy.

The Rs on the other hand, after 30 years of Reaganomics, pretend that their plans have never been implemented and (at the same time) they keep strengthening them. But it should be clear to all that Reaganomics, like Keynesian economics before it, ended badly.

What is needed most of all (sez I) is a new economics.

Jazzbumpa said...

Art -

I have to disagree about Keynesian economics coming to a bad end. Why do think it did? I'd like to see your thoughts on that topic.


The Arthurian said...

Oh... not my thoughts, but my timeline here... timeline on the left, my comments on the right... Scroll down to The End of an Era and then Disarray. I guess those ARE my thoughts, as I have adopted them.

To that we could add the antsyness of microeconomists who were ready to abandon Keynes on the flimsiest of excuses. They thought it necessary to provide microeconomic foundations for macro, which led to DSGE and crisis and the end of Reaganomics.

My view: Keynesianism was replaced by Reaganomics. The Keynesian period: 1947-1977. Reaganomics: 1978-2008. Two 30-year periods.

See also mine of 4-12 (tomorrow).