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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Republicans, All Wrong, All the Time, Pt. 27 - Cantor to Missouri: Drop Dead

I have a big date with a granddaughter this morning, so I'm short on time.  Wanted to find a vid of Eric Cantor speaking his words of damnation to the po'  fo'k  o'  Joplin, but can't come up with one.  The essence of it is that, speaking for the Repugnicants, Cantor said that there can be no Federal funds to assist the citizens of Joplin, MO (average income about $33K, average household income about $39K, who have just lost everything in a tornado) unless the cost is offset by other spending cuts.

Hal Sparks on Steph's show this morning suggested elimination of spending on Oil Subsidies.  Bam! Spending covered, case closed.  But we all know the Rethug position on that.


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Bukko Canukko said...

Let them pull themselves up with their made-in-China bootstraps, as soon as they find them in the wreckage. Aid money is for sending to Afghanistan, where it can be stolen by mercenary contractors like KBR.