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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alas, poor Shirley - We hardly Knew Ye.

But we now have positive confirmation for what we should have known anyway about Andrew Breitbart.

I will spare you the invective that could be expressed here, but encourage you to provide your own.  Breitbart has done something appalling, disgusting and awful.  The victim here - and this is not a word I drag out very often - nor do I feel compelled to talk much about top news items, but this has made my gorge rise - is Shirley Sherrod, a rural development director for the U.S. Agriculture Dept.

Taking words out of context to distort and wrongly indict is a despicable act.  Unfortunately it is common practice among right wingers.  As is mindless repetition of right wing idiocy by the Fox News organization, which happened today, regarding this item - by more than one of their alleged reporters, again by O'Reilly, and yet again by Hannity.  I'm writing this as I watch the Fox clips on the  Rachel Maddow's show rerun.  (P6 already has some of Rachel's video clips posted, here and here.  Wow - fast work!)

It was similar faux reportage by Fox News that that brought down ACORN - again, based on doctored videos originating in Breitbart's organization.

Wake up people.  And ask yourself: Why does anyone tell lies?  The answer is that the truth does not fit their agenda.

If the truth does not fit your agenda, your agenda is unworthy, and might even achieve full-scale evil.

This is how Breitbart operates.  This is how Fox News and all of Murdoch's NewsCorp operates.  It is how Repugnicants operate.  It is what conservatism regressivism has degenerated into.

Equally appalling is the Obama administrations repeated willingness to give in to these lying bastards, regarding Van Jones, ACORN and now Shirley Sharrod - a fine, decent person who went far, far out of her way to help the white farmers at the center of this story - as they have been quick and eager to point out.

I am disgusted by the gutless Obama administration.  My contempt for Breitbart, NewsCorp and right wing regressives cannot be expressed in language I would want to see over my signature.

The NAACP also reacted rashly and incorrectly.  But they had enough integrity and courage to retract, correct and apologize.  (See the 2nd Rachel clip, above.)

Obama?   Vilsack?   Anybody there got either a backbone or some shred of decency?

What a horribly depressing turn of events.  

Thank you, right wing world.

1 comment:

J said...

Breitbart's a pedazo de mierda, that's for sure. AS is Foxnews--the very meaning of Oppressor. And Ms Sherrod's comments appear to have been taken out of context.

At the same many liberals are making a mountain out of a molehill, and/or pointing fingers at the wrong people; shouldn't the BO Admin. have sort of investigated the matter, instead of taking the word of Breitbart?? The lovely Miss Maddow seems to be overlooking that possibility as well.

Demo leaders continually appease the right--maybe because they know there is very large proportion of American zombies who simply react to these sorts of events and could at any time switch their allegiance and decide to support the Tinfoil Hat party, aka Tea partiers.