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Friday, February 5, 2010

What the Hell?!? Friday -- Judgement to Rush

If you have an appetite for hate-filled, self-aggrandizing demagoguery, thrice divorced, Viagra toting, Hispaniola visiting misogynist Druggie Limbaugh never disappoints.




This man is syndicated on over 600 radio stations, nation-wide, has over 20 million listeners, and influences the policies of the Repugnicant party.

We are SO screwed.



J said...

The most heinous aspect of Limbaugh-Speak relates to its media-power, really. Content-wise, Rush offers the standard GOP populist, low-brow rage. Yet he has succeeded for nearly 20 years: really, Rush initiated the Pundit-ocracy.

Lim-bozo gives the yokels what they want, really. He's another PT Barnum-like blowhard-barker in a sense, but PT Barnum ramped up vis a vis radio, teevee, and now blogs. And it's all about a sort of cheap rhetoric: feminazi, Hitlery, the endless lib-rawls, now the rants on Obama, Haiti etc. And the predictable libertarian anti-Gub-mint, Ayn Rand-lite venting (thar takin' our hard-earned shekels) Reason has been replaced by rage.

That sort of anti-rational rant has caught on with his opponents as well--triggered a backlash; I think you note that backlash on the big "liberal" sites like KOS or Salon as well. So according to KOS like ID politics, anyone who doesn't agree with the Demos now sides with....Rush or FoxCo. Listen to any of the windbags (and I don't mean only conservative ones), and they sound like Rush imitators. Lim-bozoSpeak helped with the further destruction of the language, really.

Jazzbumpa said...

You pretty much have Rush nailed.

Beyond that though, he is also a liar, a twister of the truth when he tells it, and a purveyor of dishonesty of all sorts.

I really don't see that on the left. Even Rabid Randy Rhodes, when she was syndicated, spoke truths, and when I listened to her I learned things - actual facts from the real world.

I don't read KOS or generally go in search of radical polemic of any kind. Rush has certainly been a leader in dumbing down and otherwise deteriorating the level of political discourse. I prefer to live in the real world.

Wherever that is.