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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Blogging

I have to say that the greatest influence on my life,
and on my writing, directly and indirectly,
has been my two Children.
-- Raymond Carver


Raymond, I am not like you,
Though we've both known drunkenness and despair.
And we've both been influenced by our children,
But I think in different ways.
And I, too, have a brief attention span,
Limiting me to things of a single sitting --
Poetry and short fiction. I speak now of reading.

You were John Gardner's most famous and successful student.
I can only know him from his words,

And seek vainly to find him in yours:
Words honed sharp on a blue whetstone
Worn smooth by the sea,

Found in a handkerchief under your desk,

Then passed from hand to hand.

Blue is the precise word, I believe, for

Your free strophes full of drunkenness and people pissing,
And your spare prose, pared too deep sometimes,
But greater still than larger things.

I hope your too-short life was not so sad as they suggest.

Where did you pass the blade, Raymond,

When your carving days were through?

Copyright Jazzbumpa. All rights reserved.


Marinela said...

I enjoy reading what you write.

Jazzbumpa said...

Marinela -

Thank you. I'm glad you stopped by. You must be my youngest reader.

I took a quick glance at a couple of your poems. they are very clear and honest. That takes some courage.

Keep writing - I think it is in your soul.


J said...

I'm not so much into modern fiction, but enjoy Ray Carver's stories, like in Cathedral. He was not so PC, though, jzb. Fairly gloomy realism--a bit noirish as well. Or fatalistic--that's the word. Soundtrack by Mingus , or Chet Baker, Bill Evans, etc.

Jazzbumpa said...

J -

Carver was certainly not PC. why do you bring that up?

This poem, which I wrote several years ago, is a direct reaction to one of his. I believe it was called "The Blue Stones." I can't find the book I had that included it; nor can I find it on the web anywhere.

I don't actually enjoy Carver, but he makes me think, and stimulates my creativity. I once wrote a short story that was a reaction to "WILL YOU PLEASE BE QUIET PLEASE." I'll send it to you if you're interested.


J said...

well, that's it. Carver's not PC, and presents a rather bleak view of humanity (at least west coast humanity) yet he's a powerful writer, in my estimation.

Many great writers were hardly do-gooder liberals--Conrad, Ezra Pound, LF Celine come to mind. Sometimes one leaves the politics aside, as long as it isn't Mein Kampf or stalin-like writing.

J said...

That said, I'm more of a non-fiction person, preferring history, journalism, economic matters, or essayists (even do-gooder ones, like Thoreau).

Literature may dazzle at times--as with say Conrad's stories, or EA Poe. It may deceive at times, as with the usual commerical potboilers or latest space opera dreck. I contend Lit. deceives more often than it dazzles (or informs, teaches, instructs, etc). That's not such a radical view--Bertrand Russell for one thought literature mostly a sham (--Hamlet is not Napoleon). As did Plato.

(scuzi rant)

Jazzbumpa said...

Are you kidding? I love a good rant.