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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Next Clinton Presidency

Hillary will be the Democratic nominee, because that was pre-ordained, and the Party will make sure it happens, as it has throughout this primary season.  Given that, I’m glad Bernie ran and is staying in the fray until the convention.  Everyone saying he should drop out; is hurting the party; or is hurting Hillary can go to hell.

I also expect she will win the presidency, though I am far from certain.   Trump is putting out a populist message addressing jobs, infrastructure and trade agreements that plays directly into the the fears and expectations of desperate white working class people.  Of course it’s all bull shit, right from The Art of the Deal.   But if enough people fall for it, he has a chance to win.

I see the general election playing out one of two ways: either Trump wins a squeaky close election - by 1-2 % of the popular vote and a single swing state in the electoral college; or Hillary wins by a historic landslide - >15 % of the popular vote and 100 to 150 electoral votes.

People talk about her progressive credentials, but I see a corporatist neoliberal hawk.  These are things I will judge her presidency on —

Support for alternative energy development
Wall street Regulation
TPP and other trade agreements
Minimum Wage
The Future of Social Security and Medicare
Universal Health Care
The Student Loan crisis and college costs in general
Citizens United and election finance in general
Relations with Native Americans and other minorities
Pipeline Issues [like Keystone XL] as they arise
Other environmental concerns vis-a-vis corporate concerns
Climate change vis-a-vis the political power of big oil
Tax policy
Future of the National Parks 
Eagerness to go to war, foreign policy aggressiveness in general 
Specifically, military involvement in the Middle East and regarding other Muslin nations.
U.S. attitude toward and treatment of Palestinians

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Stagflationary Mark said...

Everyone saying he should drop out; is hurting the party; or is hurting Hillary can go to hell.

Agreed!! :)