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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random Thoughts - Republican Violence Against Women

A small number of Republicans voted for the
Violence Against Women Act.

Then they actually read the thing and discovered
it was prevention, not encouragement.


Wayne Assiratti said...

Don't know if you listen to Greg Proops podcast "The Smartest Man in the World" (I strongly recommend it if you like rude jokes, vodka drinking, encyclopedic knowledge of baseball through the ages and your current affairs commented on with the gloves off). After the "Women have ways of dealing with unwanted pregnancies through sexual assault." debacle. He has started referring to the Republicans as "Team Rape". It's funny and also a little bit true.

As always it's a real eye opener to read your stuff even if some of it is over my head as I'm from the UK.

I really wish that politics was taken as seriously over here. Sadly as a nation we just do a very good line in satire. It may sound cliched, but The West Wing was so very good (even though it was a utopian view of how politics should be done) and we don't have anything like it over here.

What's your opinion on it?

Jazzbumpa said...

I listened to a bit of Proops after I saw your note. I remember him form the original BBC Who's Line show which was rebroadcast here on a cable channel quite a few years ago. Funny guy.

I never watched West Wing, so I can't have an opinion.

I guess we doe take politics seriously here in the States. But so many people are uniformed, and deliberately misinformed that we get some really awful results. The election and reelection of GWB are stark examples - though I believe in each case the election was stolen.

But each was close enough to make the stealing possible.

Thanks for the comment.


Jazzbumpa said...
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