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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'll go out on a limb and say that despite the gonzo voter suppression efforts, Obama carries FLA by a slim margin and wins Ohio by at least +6, as the latest Romney lie barrage backfires. BHO gets at least 303 EV; 330 looks attainable. Obama in the popular vote by +3.5%. Third party candidates collectively get under 1%. Nationwide, about 100,000 deluded fanatics write in Ron Paul.

Sharrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren both win. There is some musical chairs in the Senate, but no net change. Dems pick up 5 to 10 in the House due to Tea Party backlash, but still are in the minority.

Tomorrow the recriminations begin - Republicans will claim Romney lost because he is either "not a true conservative" or "not conservative enough." Only one of these is correct.

I will continue to be amazed that any decent, intelligent, educated human being would vote for this lying odious unprincipled elitist chameleon [picture Randall from Monsters, Inc.]

For my ultra-long shot I'll say sometime in the next year Chris Christie completes his epiphany and changes parties. [Not really - this one is fantasy land stuff. But I do think Obama and a competent FEMA response to Sandy gave him one hell of a jolt in his partisan-hackery circuit.]


Wayne Assiratti said...

Hi JzB. I have been following this blog with some interest and now America gets to puts it's heart on its sleeve and decide who gets to be the leader of the free world for the next four years.

As a Brit, you can probably imagine that the American election is of quite significant interest to us over here. I'm for Obama and understand that he hasn't delivered that which he promised with considerable gusto four years ago, but do hope that the electorate there are sensible and don't vote in Romney just because the other fella didn't do everything he said he would.

From my own point of view (and trust me on this, I'm no political analyst) Mitt Romney is just the man the Republicans are putting in the way of Obama's second term chances. I don't think he will win at all. From the media we have seen over here, he seems dumber than a bag of hammers.

I think Obama will be declared a winner tomorrow and in four years, the Dems will give Hilary Clinton the nomination and the Republicans have a real handful then.

Anyway, thanks for educating me a little, I'll look forward to your post election blog post with interest.



Anonymous said...

I understand they are changing it to Christie Kreme.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Wayne -

Thanks for the visit.

I don't think Romney is quite that dumb, but seeing the way he conducts his campaign and himself has lowered my estimation of his intelligence over the past coupe of months.

Organizational skills and leadership, too.

Clearly, he is an elitist oligarch who holds ordinary people in contempt, and his campaign has been the biggest pile of lies I have ever seen. He has reversed himself on every important issue - sometimes within a single sentence. It's distressing that so many decent, intelligent, educated people have fallen for his incoherent message, and this election will be close. How can smart people be so dumb?

Obama is far from perfect, but he's accomplished a lot more than most people realize. A McCain presidency would have been a disaster - ditto Romney.

Hillary will be 69 if elected in 2016. That's pretty old to be a first term pres.

But first, we need to get through today.