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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just wanted to join the chorus supporting Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown, who was banned from speaking on the floor last week by Rethug House Speaker James Bolger after she referred to her vagina in a floor debate over an anti-abortion bill.

As Brown pointed out on Lawrence O'Donnell's TV show last night, the word "vagina" appears at least three times in Michigan statutes.

The speakers actions are nothing less than a blatant violation of free speech - and imposed on a legislator in legislative session.

But don't be surprised.  When Rethugs are in power, this is how they operate.  They did the same thing in Wisconsin - without a vagina to hide behind.

It's become standard practice for Rethugs to double down when they are wrong.  It's pretty refreshing to see Dems double down for a change when they're right.

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