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Sunday, November 20, 2011

U.C. Davis

If you see Davis, it's because the whole world is watching.

Yesterday, U.C. Davis History Professors Eric Rauchway and Ari Kelman posted from their normal Edge of the West gig about the unprovoked assault on passive student protesters, and reposted as a guest blog at  Crooked Timber today.

I'm not going to editorialize about the brutal and criminal police actions.  (Video is embedded at the links.)  They speak more loudly and eloquently on their own than I could with any verbal embroidery.

In comments at CR, we find links to reactions from other U.C. Davis Professors.

Bob Ostertag:

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau thus joins the likes of Bull Connor, the notorious segregationist and architect of the violent repression of the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama, as some of the very few people who view the non-violent tactics of Martin Luther King as violent.

Nathan Brown, in an Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi:

I call for your resignation because you are unfit to do your job. You are unfit to ensure the safety of students at UC Davis. In fact: you are the primary threat to the safety of students at UC Davis. As such, I call upon you to resign immediately.

These chancellors are part of the servitor class - lizard people who are minions to the wealthy elite who are eating at the core of American democracy.

These professors are brave and principled men who dare speak truth to power.

They - and the student protesters - give me hope (however minuscule) that all will not be lost.

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