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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Penguin Playoff Blogging Pt.2 - Revenge of the Zebras

At a certain point, even profanity fails me, so I’ll just ask a few questions

Why does the home town crowd get to call the game?

If the zebras are going to let that happen, then why didn’t they just stay on the game preserve?

Would there be a penalty if there were 7 Penguins on the ice? 8? What does it take?

Why do the announcers on Against keep talking about the “subtle picks and interference” of the Red Wings, but not a word about the blatant obstructions of the Penguins? Or the two-handed cross-checks to the back of the head? Or the goal they score on a off-side play? Or the waved-off icings?

Or the spearing?

Does this game even have rules?

What team did Olczyk coach?

And Milbury loved it when Malkin sucker-punched Zetterberg. Is this what you might expect from a guy whose career stats include 49 goals, and 1552 minutes in the penalty box?

Is the NHL so desperate to hype Crosby as a cup-hoister that they will do anything to let his team win?

I just discovered yesterday was Gary Bettman's birthday. Where did I put my profanity dictionary? And my barf bag?

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