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Friday, December 18, 2009

What the Hell? Friday

Today's entries 

Part 1, a comment lifted from Berube's blog. (No 19, at the link.)

For me, in so many ways, my unhinged far-left views can be summarized by the mottoes from posters i have hanging on the wall next to my desk:

EarthFirst! Obey Little, Resist Much
John Trudell: don’t trust anyone who isn’t angry!
Woody Guthrie: This Machine Kills Fascists
Tom Morello: Arm The Homeless!!

And for the not so unhinged, perhaps a question: Why does the left have to be held to standards of hermeneutical* integrity, while the right can be all over the mind map of lies and hypocrisy?                                                

                                   --- Spyder

Berube went on vacation earlier this year, and when he came back, I forgot to start reading him again -- until this week.   My bad!

Part 2 Jean Sebelius Invents Jazz
The Time: 1900
The place: Rapallo, Italy

Jean Sibelius writes the first walking bass line that I know of.  Sadly, almost inaudible in this clip. So listen carefully  (Other recordings on YouTube, alas, are even more inaudible.)  Then the bassoons take over, with a strange, not quite the blues melody.

OK.  It's not really jazz.  But it is a very cool symphony - and I get to play it tonight!
* Which I also refuse to look up.  (And as the follow up comments at Berube's illustrate, the exact meaning (evidently: “across-the-board-ism”) was not clear in context.  Hope that helps.

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