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Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Hope Blogging

OK.  On a lot of fronts, things look pretty grim.

But, there is hope.

And as a follow-up to that link, I'll add this vignette.

Recently the lovely wife and I were traveling north on I-95 in VA.  We stopped at Exit 118 to get a coffee at the McDonalds there.  At that same moment, it was engulfed by a group of 5th graders from North Carolina, on a field trip to Washington D.C. - 200 kids, and a bunch of parents.

As we got in line, about a half dozen of them - all girls, as it turns out, and one dad were in line ahead of us.  In this group of kids were one of Asian extraction, at least one Latina, an African-American, and the very white-bead looking girl with her dad.

They were traveling together, eating together, and treating each other like human beings.  Remember, they were from NORTH CAROLINA.

When I was a kid, this wouldn't have happened in the mid-west.  Recognizing the fundamental human dignity of someone who does not look like you is the first step towards peaceful coexistence.  This gives me hope.

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