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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Blogging


Truth lies at the heart of words you write.
Fragments of your life reborn as fiction --
Memories recast in a new light.

The boy who everybody said was bright
But prone to argument and contradiction --
Truth lies at the heart of words you write.

Cruel names called out in a school yard fight
The loneliness of classmates' interdiction --
Memories recast in a new light.

The lure of love, its power to excite,
First taste becoming your life-long addiction --
Truth lies at the heart of words you write.

Harsh voices on a never-gentle night
Delivered with such careful, studied diction --
Memories recast in a new light.

Love that lingers, dread and loss and fright,
The force of life with grinding heat and friction --
Truth lies at the heart of words you write.
Memories recast in a new light.



Clear Ayes said...

Hi Jazzbumpa, Nice villanelle. I really admire your "Fortes".

I think I may have mentioned that at one time (a long time), I tried my hand at sonnets. I reread them a few years ago and realized they were really bad, so, from then on I concentrated on reading/enjoying poetry and now, passing them along via C.C.'s blog.

Your poems are good examples of "those who can, do". Keep on doing.

Jazzbumpa said...

C.A. -

Thank you for the kind words. Earlier in life, all my attempts to write poetry went kerplunk.

There something to be said for perseverance, but even more for getting out of one's own way.