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Friday, December 11, 2009

What the Hell? Friday

Words whose definitions I can never remember, no matter how many times I look them up:


And, no, I am not looking them up again.  At least not now.

Sports thoughts

Officiation in all sports, at all levels is abyssmal.  Has the quality of officiating deteriorated in recent years?  If so, why?  Does intense sports coverage simply make it easier to observe?  Is the pervasive incompetence of sports officials simply a reflection of the inability of the human race to consistently perform a difficult job well?

Does every team in major league baseball have a Cabrera on the roster?

Detroit Sports Thoughts

Seeing the Tigers deal off Curtis Granderson is horribly painful.  Seeing him go to the Yankees is simply unbearable.

The Red wings have got to stop hanging their goalies out to dry.

And they need to score the occasional goal.

The shoot-out is the most stupid, ghastly idea ever to disgrace a major sport.   Boo, Hiss!

Lions quarterbacks can't seem to perform very well when they have thier buttocks and shoulder blades firmly pressed against the arificial turf by several hundred pounds of defensive linemen.

Good luck Daunte.  You'll need it.

Also, they'll never be winners as long as they are dead last in muliple defensive categories.

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