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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Music Blogging - More Christmas Spirit

 Here is a triple play of unusual Christmas treats.

First, the Wexford Carol, a beautiful traditional Irish Christmas song from the 12th century.  You might have heard it before, but it get far  less play than other less-deserving songs.  For a melody of that era, it has some surprising chromatic turns.  This plain, honest treatment adheres to modal simplicity.

The next two are more common songs, and if you think you've heard them too many times already -- you're wrong.  Second is a very fresh treatment of O Tannenbaum, arranged by Gordon Goodwin as Yo! Tannenbaum.  Goodwin is a brilliant and brutal arranger.  I've played this thing, and it takes no prisoners.  See Yo! at the end.

And, last, just for fun, The 12 Days, as you've never heard them.


1 comment:

NinaVästerplana said...

Thanks for sharing this music withe us.... Unfortunatley the first piece couldn´t be heard in Sweden.... It was blocked!
Loved the last one ;-)
Have a great day and
A Merry Christmas