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Friday, September 30, 2011


Wow! the Rays go into Texas and drop the Rangers 9-0.

Tigers at Yanks start in a few minutes.  My thoughts.

The Tigers for the first time in decades had a strong September. This is because they upgraded the team mid-season, acquiring Doug Fister, Wilson Betamit and Delmon Young.  Fister – who, always puts in 7 innings -- with an ERA UNDER 2 – might actually be better than Verlander.

Yanks have better offensive stats for the full season, but Tigers stats post all-star game are better than Yanks full season stats.  The bottom of the Tigers line up doesn't offer a lot of offensive punch.   But the Yanks top four hitters are way behind the Tigers top 4 in BA, OBP, SLG, and OPS.

Verlander and Fister for openers, Coke and Benoit in relief, and Valverde to close stack up well against anyone.

I think the Tigers take this series, and I hope it's in 4 games.  Granderson might tip the balance in favor of the Yanks, but  – with 31 more HR’s than Jackson, he might be the only advantage they have.

I’m most afraid of any game that Penny starts. His recent outings have been awful.

Game's starting.  Jackson is up.

Update:  In the first inning Friday, the Tigers made 5 mistakes: the passed ball strike out, putting a runner on first, two walks, Cabrera not turning the DP on an easy ground ball, and Inge not throwing the runner out at home.  It might be possible to rationalize the last two if the runner's position blocked a clear line for a throw.  But collectively, this is not the way to win.

Both Verlander and Fister in the continuation Saturday proved to be inept.  If that combination cannot win, then the Tiger's are toast.  Their batters looked dazed and confused. My despair does not come from the Tiger's being 1 game down.  It comes from the manner of the loss.  Their best were not up to the task, anywhere on the field.  Who is going to carry this team?*

* Max Scherzer, Joaquin Benoit, Miguel Cabrera . . .