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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Blogging Redux

Here is a bonus, if you should happen to view it so charitably.

Poet's Troubles

Word's and rhythm all the while
In clever clusters to make you smile;
Working hard - I have to pick
The ones that rhyme with the most kick.

ANNA PESTers me with her beat
IAMB rhyming; why should I care?*
Husbanding TROCHEES, I crossly speak
Anna steps aside, and there to weep.

I tease her then - perchance to see
If she will be my re-SPONDEE,
I coax her with one last TROCHEE,
Like pigs in clover - we're OK!

Still another pastiche! This one based on the genuinely awful** Mother's Troubles***, by Dr. William Fuller. I did my best to make it as bad as I could, but Fuller's bar is so low, I'm afraid I couldn't get under it.

Lo siento.

Copyright JazzBumpa.  All rights reserved.  Wrongs, too.
* So, "beat" doesn't rhyme with "care." Your point?
** Really. You have no idea.****
*** At the link, scroll down a bit, it you have the stomach for it.
**** OK. in 1888, life was a bitch. I get it.

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