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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bush Bashing

I don't know anything about Doug Casey; but, based on this link, I take him to be a free-market libertarian (fml), in the mold of Robert Prechter.

Though not of the fml mindset, I have to agree with Casey on a few things.

1) George W. Bush appears to be a serious contender for worst president ever, tempered only by the nagging suspicion that he was fundamentally irrelevant to his own presidency. Oh, Wait - that, in itself, might make him the worst ever . . .

2) This beautiful and elegant assertion: "It’s unclear to me what, if any, philosophical foundation conservatism, by whatever definition, rests on."

3) Conservatives* like GWB "
because Bush liked to talk a lot about freedom and traditional American values, and did so in such an ungrammatical way that it made him seem sincere."

There is much in Casey's note that a thinking non-libertarian can disagree with. But it's kind of a fun read.


Evening Update: DeLong grasps Bush reality with both hands, something faux-conservatives still are not, and in fact will never be willing to do. Click through to Ambinder's woefully lame non-apology. Or just click here. Be sure to read the comments. Seeing how his readers brutally dismember him is, literally, priceless.
* Here, Casey and I are referring to the modern brand of faux-conservatives. No real conservative** would have anything but contempt for the vacuous, ignorant liar who was our 43rd president.
** Nor True Scotsman either, for that matter.

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