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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Music Blogging

An extraordinary performance of something by the master of musical tapestry.

The melodies are passed around without a fumble. Texture moves among two, three and four voices. The trombone choir makes this magnificent music even more dramatic and powerful,

WOW . . . just Wow!

And now, for something completely different. Sacrilege, or just thinking outside the Bach's? You decide.

JzB the awestruck trombonist


J said...

Nice tune.

Papa Bach was pretty hip, and didn't even attend La Misa (well maybe a few times). The organ stuff is great, but the cello suites rock as well

Buxtehude also--actually Buxtehude sounds a bit edgier in ways....sort of Keith Emerson of 1700

Jazzbumpa said...

Hey J -

Long time no see. How ya doin'?

Bach Rocks. I love the WTC, too.

The Bach Cello suites are great on trombone. I was just playing though a few movements this morning. If I ever get anything up to a performance level that won't embarrass me, I'll post it.

Don't know much about old Bux, except his name. A quick search reveals he was about 50 yrs older than JSB.

I'll have to check him out.

Thanks for the tip.

Have you ever heard Emerson's Piano Concerto? It's quite good.



J said...
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