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Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Why Are the Tigers in Game 5?

The two victories are by scores of 5-3 and 5-4; the losses by scores of 9-3 and 10-1, so you might think I'm asking that question the wrong way around.  But, really this has at least as much to do with Tiger failures as with Yankee success.  First notable item is their inability to hit the eminently hittable A.J. Burnett.  Sure Curtis Granderson saved his bacon a couple of times, but that accounts for only two outs in a 9 inning game.

Here's the story.  It's sad.  The players who are supposed to provide the offensive punch haven't done it.

The midline players have done about as you might expect.

Those part-time playing Twinkiesque back-of-the-roster guys have mostly overachieved, but they can't carry the team.

Note that Santiago's RBI count is only one behind Cabrera's.  Ramon knocked Inge in twice in game 3, else there would be no game 5.

I'm not going to post stats for the hated Yankees.  But I will note most of their guys are doing what is expected - except for Jorge Posada, who was on the bubble for making the post-season roster.   He's hitting .400, has 4 walks to go with his 4 hits, and has scored 4 times.

We shouldn't have to rely on Delmon Young hitting the occasional HR.  For the Tigers to win tonight, Cabrera has to put on his MVP shoes, and Martinez, Jackson and Avila need to show up with bats in their hands.  And Fister has to be Fister, not that imposter we saw on Saturday.

According to The Detroit Sports Site, Mags is in Right tonight, and Don Kelly will start at 3rd Base.  Betamit has worked himself out of the line up.  Kelly would be 4 for 7, but one of Granderson's Burnett-bacon-savers came from Kelly's bat.


Tinbeni said...

Your write-up makes me think you are not feeling too good about tonights game.

Damn, I'm an "Evil-Empire" lover for 50+ years ... yet when I thought about game 5 against your Tiger's ... I never (in my brain, such as it is) went into that much analysis.

This from an Accountant, who thinks everything is logical and can be broken down by "the NUMBERS".

I just hope the game is decided on the field, not by an umpire's mistake.

BTW ... is it just me, or does the "strike-zone" thingy on TBS seem different than how it was during the regular season.
(OR are the ump's expanding the strike-zone?)

See you at the LAT.

HeartRx said...

So, what's an RBI? Is that an abbreviation for something? (heh, heh)

Jazzbumpa said...

Tin -

This is just me. I over-analyze things.

I am not feeling good about games 1 and 4. If the Tigers big guns don't wake up, they'll be going home instead off to Texas. I think game 5 is close to a toss up. But -- Tigers might choke. Yankees probably won't. And they have Granderson, which is very painful.

I think the strike zone is a very malleable thing, and you never know what you're going to get.

Marti -

Yeah -- I think it's Raspberry-Blueberry Ice cream.


Tinbeni said...

First off, I must tell you, I always thought you were in the Chicago area.

That, notwithstanding, it has been "one-hell-of-a-year" again for my Yankees.

Hey, someone wins, someone loses.
And baseball is a game of inches, what-if's, etc.

I'm just glad there was someone as passionate about baseball to "needle" and be "needled-by" this season. (As you know, "It's a Guy Thing!)

It is obvious you are as passionate about your Detroit teams as I am about the Yankee's ... and Buccaneers (a hell-of-a-price-to-pay-for-corn) ... and (if the truth be known) the "Kids", aka Tampa Bay Rays.

I just love the nuance of the game of baseball.

It's like life ...

There are long moments when it seems nothing is happening ... but it is ...
THEN, there are moments of EXCITEMENT !!!
And then it's back to ... the day-to-day nothing ... then excitement again.


PS FYI I think you are a great Husband, Dad, Grandpa and you have taught me a lot about music.
An area I have absolutely no talent or experience.
(Though, I can sing as good as ... Bob Dylan).